Die Demonstration geht weiter..

Landroval– Am Freitag, also bei uns Samstag 02.30 Uhr in der Nacht geht der Protestzug vom Gasthaus Efeubusch los bis nach Michelbinge im Auenland.

Hear Ye Hear Ye,
That Mayor in Bree set his ordinance against music in public places, and only the Cat Lady would stand up to him, and now she’s no where to be seen!
Lobelia and Lotho in the Shire heard of this, and Lobelia being self proclaimed party planner of the Shire, said she would only allow music at a function she planned and all the Shire is now banned from playing songs anywhere or at any time!
Long time musicians have all been but ran out of the Shire playing in odd locations here and there.
We think Lobelia is in cahoots with the Bree mayor… or perhaps just always wanting to be so „Big City“ she has to do what they are doin‘
But I think if we protest this we can break them both down!!!

Today I went to Bag End with my harp in hand, Lobelia fumed and she pulled out her ordinance paperworks she some how got the Thane to sign…
But inthat piece of paper I found a Loop Hole!

The paper says „…Partys and Gatherings with music can be held at the Party Tree if one enters into the Party Tree area at the gates. Musicians and patrons entering from other less organized methods will not be allowed to hear the music, or play music! One must Enter from across the road of the gate directly!“

Well, upon reading that I promptly walked right down the hill crossed the road, and walked straight in to the Party Tree.. I began plucking on my harp playing some nice dwarven melody I heard mister Balifor play… and Lobelia did nothing but seeth and sneer! I had „won!“.

So we will Meet this Fryday, at 8:30 Bywater time! (6/7/13) At the Ivy Bush, gather and when our group is suffecient, we’ll march in order up the hill, cross the road and straight in to the Party Tree, musicians will gather infront of the cellar door so the music will carry extra loudly up to Lobelia through Bag End, and then musicians will take turns a playin songs, til we all get tired and Lobeia gives in and tears up her ordinance!

~Hoppa Joel, Inn League Senior Member in good standings


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